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Client Experiences:

From a client in Southern France: ” The healing/balancing experience I had with Chere and Gunilla was very strong and positive.  With the feeling of pure tranquility and comfort, I’m moving closer to finding my path.”

From a client in Stockholm Sweden: Asked what I wanted before the first session, I answered ” To get rid of the block keeping me from being free.” The session then began. As one sat at my head and one at my feet,  they undid  the knots inhibiting my energy flow. I knew change was on its way as my muscles spontaneously cramped,  and as they were helped to relax, warmth flowed through my body.  My mental cramps also resolved themselves during my three sessions, and I now have a  freer approach to life.”

From a client in New York City:Chere was my Reiki Master teacher twenty years ago, introducing me to the world of energy and an intuitive way of working with clients.  This past year, I worked with Chere and Gunilla Fazal, first as a client and student of the Perfect Balance work, and then most recently as a client of the new energy healing work they are bringing through.  I have found their work to be powerful, of a high vibration, and intuitively accurate.  For days following a session with them in October, I noticed I was much calmer and as if I had effortlessly become more of an observer of my life and life around me, less so reacting so strongly like I often do.”

From a Swedish student on Gotland and in England:Chere has practised her form of Reiki/source healing before on me and it has always been powerful healing, very connecting and grounding.  After she met Gunilla and they started practising in these new frequencies, the healings I have gotten since then have changed slightly, and they are even more powerful.  A bit hard to explain but if Chere’s healings were connected to source before, you are now just as connected to the angels and the universe through Frequency Shift Energy when she does them with Gunilla.  You feel grounded and as a starseed at the same time, ready to go out as yourself on the road of life.”

“Jag har gått hos Chere och fått reikihealing förut, vilket alltid har känts väldigt mäktigt och jag har alltid känt mig mer grundad och mig själv efteråt.  Efter att hon började arbeta med Gunilla och de började arbeta med de nya healingfrekvenserna så har healingen jag fått varit ännu mera kraftfull. Om jag tidigare känt mig mer grundad efter ett healingpass så känner jag mig mer i ett med universum, både grundad och som stjärntoff samtidigt, mer redo att vara mig själv på livets väg.”

From a client on the Swedish island of Öland:  “Så innerligt tacksam för de fantastiska och kraftfulla sessioner jag fått genom Chere och Gunilla. En djupgående process där jag fått insikter om nästa steg och djupare kontakt med mitt sanna jag.”

From a client in Toronto, Canada: ” These wonderful ladies brought me back to feeling like the best version of myself, the weight on my heart was lifted and my confidence was radiating. I’ve never felt more like myself. I’m so grateful for what you two do. Thank you for restoring the glowing light back to me.”

From a client in Woodbridge, Canada: “First of all a huge thank you to Gunilla and Chere for an amazing session and experience. After my healing session I experienced a cleansing of my entire being that fully recharged me. I am aligned with my life purpose and the path to get there was made clear.  The healing helped me develop a stronger sense of self and I felt an abundance of happiness within.”

From a client in Vaughn, Canada: “For the past few months and up until recently my thoughts always felt like they were being focused towards something that wasn’t me, like there was something in my mind with me that was more than my own consciousness. It never felt like I was able to truly be present with life because of all the racing thoughts and conversations that were going on in my mind and the only time I could really be myself and not have this bother me was when I was with my best friend. Inanimate objects were even moving in my house such as boxes being pulled across the floor when no one was near them and my posters constantly falling on me everytime I fell asleep. But there were times when I was by myself and I experienced the most psychological pain that surpassed any physical pain I’ve gone through. I knew that this was something else and it was far beyond my understanding. It was not normal but I did not act upon it and it became a part of my life. Things were not the same for me but I had no one to go to with this situation. When I eventually told SK about what was going on, I thought I made a mistake by getting him involved with this but it turned out he had already been involved for a while. When I found out that everything that was going on was due to a dark entitity being part of my life,I knew it had to be because of smoking marijuana.  I learned in the past that getting high can expand your etheric body around you and cause holes in it which can let all types of forces/energies through- however I couldn’t imagine myself being a victim to such events. When I found out that you guys were able to remove that entity out of the lives of SK and me, my body was hit with a wave of relief and shock. I knew something had been odd because the same day SK informed me about everything you guys did for us, I woke up to yelling but no one was home and my arm was in excruciating pain. Overall, ever since the situation has been dealt with, I finally feel like I can live again, my mind doesn’t feel like it’s thinking with someone else other than myself. This has completely changed my perception on living life for the better and I cannot thank you guys enough for helping SK and me with this. SK is truly blessed to have you guys in his life and I hope to meet you one day as you guys have given me a second chance. ”

From a client in the US: “I had a lovely and heart expanding session with Gunilla Fazal & her partner Chere Nelson. I loved how the power of the three of us were able to work together and receive wonderful information and healing. They are quite the dynamic duo enhancing each others gifts to get us our messages and healing experience. Thank you both so much for sharing your gifts and time with me!

From a Swedish client: “I would recommend anyone to go for a session with Gunilla and Chere, I found the whole experience really powerful and healing. Both Chere and Gunilla comes across as really warm and genuine people and they make you feel 100% safe.

I’ve been going for sessions with a few different healers in the past. After the sessions I would usually feel great for a period of time but the positive effects would soon start to fade and I would slip back into old patterns. Maybe it was because I felt that the healing was done to me and that I didn’t have a part in it. The session with Gunilla and Chere felt different, I felt included in what was happening and it felt like they were working on strengthening my relationship to my higher self.

They were really accurate in describing sensations in different areas of the body. As an example, Chere described a tingling sensation in my left index finger and that was something I had felt for a few days prior to the session, but not only that, she could tell me what the sensation meant on an energetic level. I could give many more example when Gunilla and Chere were spot on!

After the sessions (I had 2) I feel more connected to myself on a spiritual level and to my guides. To be in Chere and Gunilla’s presence and get to hear about the world beyond the physical one is like going on an exciting adventure!!

Don’t get me wrong, this process have highlighted areas in my life that I need to change. I need to let go of certain patterns and behaviors that do not serve me and I know I have my work cut out for me. But this work doesn’t feel like a heavy burden anymore, I feel hopeful and excited for the future!

So if I would describe this experience in one Word it would be EMPOWERING!”

From a Swedish client: En resa i ljuset där du tar emot budskap från ditt högre jag  Jag hade absolut inga som helst förväntningar inför den här sessionen med Gunilla och Chere istället ville jag vara neutral, men öppen för vad jag skulle få möjligheten att uppleva. Och det skulle bli så spännande att få uppleva en resa som någon annan än jag själv utför. Sessionen startade med att jag blev uppringd via skype på bild skärm och det var trevligt att träffa dem som skulle utföra själva behandlingen. De började med att förklara på både svenska och amerikanska hur det hela skulle gå till och vad de ville att jag skulle göra – slappna av, sitta i lugn och ro med slutna ögon och bara upplev a och ta emot budskap från mitt eget högre jag.

För mer information om en Global Collaboration of Light och om du som läser skulle vara intresserad av en sån här session, så kan du boka den via Gunilla och Cheres sida. Fantastiska människor, underbara energier hade de båda två och det kändes som “hemma” att sitta i sessionen tillsammans med dem båda. En upplevelse som jag kan rekommendera lika starkt som mina egna spirituella inre resor.

From a Swedish client:  WOW!! 🙏 Jag är totalt ” Blown away” och upplyft av sessionen jag fick idag. Tusen Tack Chere Nelson & Gunilla Fazal för ert fantastiska arbete.❤️❤️