During a session:

In person sessions: You will be fully clothed, sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table, which is your choice. One of us will be at your head and one of us will be at your feet. This is what creates the balance for you. After calling in our I AM presence, we begin to deliver Frequency Shift Energy to you and to receive feelings, see visions, hear words, etc. from you higher self.  There is no intermediary. You are with your closed eyes and intention participating energetically. This session is strictly for your own empowerment, we do not DO anything to you, we just receive information and feelings from your higher self.

We may begin to yawn, as you are releasing stuck energy, we may begin to chant, to help release stuck energy, we may sway in circles or back and forth, we may ask you to say “I choose to let go”, all the time we are in the energy of a very high vibration and transformation/regeneration for you. We do speak during the sessions to let you know what is going on and this is part of our gift of balance between us. Clients report being more present, feeling very relaxed, feeling things in their body moving that are releasing, feeling nothing but later reporting how life situations have organically changed for them. Each person, place, animal or even situation is individual and will experience our sessions in different ways. Nothing is “right or wrong” with the experience. Now isn’t that exciting?

Sessions take about an hour- the session and then brief feedback are always included. If you wish an extended discussion that needs to be booked, see Scheduling a Session.  If you need a lift-up after the session that is included one time free of charge, within one month of your first session. If you are receiving a session thru Skype as a distance session, you will experience exactly the same things. We will let you know of course, about anything that comes up.

A word about Substance use and you as a client. We work with the real YOU, not the self that is affected by drugs or alcohol.