Scheduling a session

Scheduling a session:

Contact Gunilla or Chere to schedule a session.*  Chere is at +46(0)76 130 7183 and Gunilla can be reached at+46(0)76 274 4091.  We are available most workdays after 14 and weekends by special appointment.  Just ring and we’ll book you. You can also reach us if this is an international contact through our contact page or Facebook site or Chere at and Gunilla at We will see you on Skype, or if it is a distance session. If it is an in-person session we can meet you in Mölndal or Stockholm, Sweden – at Ravenwood.

Directions to Ravenwood: Lost- call 076 130 7183

Driving: E4 South Skärholmen South exit 150, left on Vårby allé.  follow to the bottom of the hill by the Colony Gardens and turn right on Vårbackavägen. After you pass VärbackaPlaza, we are the first left. Pilgrimsvägen 4, 14346 Vårby.  Free Parking.

Public Transport: Take the red line south mot Norsborg, exit Vårby Gård. Come thru the doors and DOWN the steps and at the bottom take a right toward Värbyhuset and the library. Keep going straight past Vårbyskolan and Nyckelpigan to the street.  Take a right and go up the hill.  We are the first left after VårbackaPlaza. Pilgrimsvägen 4, 14346 Vårby. 10 min. walk.

Gift Certificates:

Our beautiful Gift Certificate is available for anyone.  Just let us know the name of the person and it will be sent and dedicated in calligraphy to the receipient. See our holdiay special for Gift Certificates on Facebook!  Special till January 1st 2020 is 900kr ($110) for a Gift Certificate Session.

Donation for Services:

Creating and delivering value to others = Money

We run specials all the time, but our standard rates are 1200 SEK ($136, 122 Euros, or 185 CAD)/session and 900 SEK ($110, 99 Euros or 140 CAD)/session for students and pensioners, couples 2250 SEK ($255, 230 Euros, or 350 CAD), student and pensioner couples 1900 SEK ($215, 194 Euros or 295 CAD). We always have a special of three sessions for 3000 SEK ($340, 300Euros or 460 CAD), which must be paid for all at once, but can be booked when the need arises. Children under the age of 10 are always free. We do not want to deny service to anyone with unresolved financial issues, so let us know if there is a problem and we can come to a mutual agreement. Note that* is after a normal session and is at an additional cost.

Using the Currency exchange rate we can give you information about the cost in other currencies than USD, Euros, and Canadian Dollars CAD – just contact us. We do our international work at the present time through Skype, or Chere’s Skype address is cherenelson and Gunilla’s Skype address is gunfaz.  Specials are posted on our Facebook page and on Chere’s website  where you can use the Paypal button ( and then or you can pay in cash or by SWISH to 0761307183. Gift Certificates are always available, see above.

Also of note is that we will do a free “lift-up” after any session should the need arise, within a month of the original session. If another is needed after that, we will schedule a new session with you.

Depending on your belief system and if you have a chronic disease or feel you will require multiple sessions, we offer a special price of 3333kr. This needs to be cleared with us by contacting one or both of us first. If it is distance we will adjust the price according to your local currency. Thank you.

BRAND NEW: Session Plus, at the request of several clients, who wish to discuss their session or anything else after the channeled session is over. This must be booked in advance.

We will continue our session with you as Wise Wayshowers at the rate of 15 SEK per minute.  This must be booked in advance and can be payable in cash or through SWISH.*

*You are responsible for a booked time, baring an emergency – no exceptions.   Full payment without refund is expected and you will be billed.