Encounter Yourself & Be Surprised by Joy Workshops


Our Vision:

In the wise words of Carl Sagan: “Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars… we, who embody the eyes, the ears, the thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, have begun to wonder about our origins, star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms contemplating the evolution of nature… Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet.  Our obligation to survive and to flourish is owed not just to ourselves, but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring.

We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting star light.”

Our vision for the Global Collaboration of Light is a circle of light that encompasses the whole globe. What do we mean by light? First let us say that everyone has the ability to share their “light”, singers, dancers, actors, doctors, healers, construction workers, administrators, in short everyone. It is not easy to define, but it is a grounded intelligence, a consciousness that is indescribably vast and all encompassing, enfolding not just the Earth but the entire universe that has existed since the beginning of time. Or one could say a oneness or spark from source, permeating the multiverse that is evolutionary, a whole new cycle of evolution is beginning where the veils between the worlds are becoming transparent.

We would welcome your connection to us for the unfolding of this rapidly evolving shift to higher dimensions where LOVE flows unimpeded through our souls. We see our spiritual network as an overarching, all encompassing vibrational power for the uplifting of our world, uniting the starseeds/lightworkers of the earth. You have only to inquire through our contact page for us to consider your request, or  take our course for certification.

Our workshop, Encounter Yourself & Be Surprised By Joy, consists of one day fully packed with information on the times in which we find ourselves-  Who you are, the dimensions, explanations, updates, practice etc. and is available for 3333 kr ($407). Thank you for your interest in joining us as we connect to consciously add our energy to the forward movement of the evolutionary process by uniting and empowering starseeds/lightworkers. There is a definite synergy in numbers so we welcome your involvement with us. Please see our FB page for details.  Thank you.

We already have two partners and one Light Bearing Healer – Annika Tianen from Imperia, Italy, a partner and Light Bearing Healer and Paulette Box from Great Falls, Virginia, in the United States is a partner. We  expect to expand globally, as we travel, teach, do sessions and attune Light Bearing Healers. Contact us for more information if you are interested in sponsoring or receiving us in your part of the world.

In 2016, we have been to Imperia Italy, New York City, and Washington D.C. We hope to go back in the future .