Mixed Bag

2017 is a year of new beginnings-
especially in the area of self-love. Below are some ideas to ponder:

• Balancing between your giving and receiving of anything. We are so automatic in our responses- so just stop a moment and think to yourself: Is this in balance before you act or speak?

• Forgiveness of self and others. Forgiveness is the key to all healing. Physically writing letters to those we have hurt and those who have hurt us in our pursuit of life, is a method I have used with no expectation of a response. The forgiveness of self is the hardest part of all. For very deep hurts, feeling the other person’s heart and the heaviness it carries goes a long way toward letting go of the pain you carry – in other words, feeling what it feels like to carry around intense guilt for sometimes years.

• Speaking your truth (meaning who you really are) and having no expectation of it being received or not. Speaking it with kindness but clarity so that it can be received – this is authenticity. It is none of your business what others think of you.

• Respecting authenticity of others no matter where they are on the journey. Life is not always easy and cozy – just look at the world situation. Reconcile life. Go higher and see the bigger picture life is showing you. Keeping your vibration up and sharing your light with others authentically and accepting our collective faulty steps toward wholeness, is your job. All is about self-love and knowing you are worth it.

I send light to my journey and yours whether it be a climb to the top of the mountain or baby steps up the hill. Be loving to yourself and others and you will surely receive love in return – this is universal law.

Chere Nelson, a fellow traveller on the journey

Du är allt, allt är Du

Vi har just kommit ut ur en 2 veckors rejäl urladdning energimässigt där hela jordens invånare, både människor, djur och växter, fick en rejäl kick där bak in i 5:e dimensionen. För många har det varit skitjobbiga veckor rent ut sagt, både fysiskt och psykiskt.
Vad inte många vet är att allt, exakt allt, påverkas av denna höjning. Ingen kommer undan. Ljuset lyser utan undantag upp det mörka. Inget kan gömma sig.
Spirituellt och energimässigt kan man se det som att de goda blir allt godare, de onda allt ondare och de galna allt mer galna. Polariseringen ställs på sin spets i vår dualistiska värld.
Det är just nu som vi måste ta ställning för oss själva, vilka är vi? Är vi kärlek och ljus? Eller låter vi oss bli neddragna i rädsla, hat och avståndstagande?
Mörkret kan endast bekämpas med ljus. Låt Ditt inre ljus skina! När de mörka tankarna kommer, för det gör de, gå då ner i hjärtat och låt hjärtat tala för dig och visa din omvärld vem Du är. Du är allt, allt är Du.

Gunilla Fazal 2017-04-10



The Spirit of Winter

As I sit here looking out my office window at the beautiful very cold and snowy landscape- the very Spirit of Winter has made itself known to me.  It asks for a gift of hope in the form of an early spring.  It grows weary from the heavy work of being such a powerful winter presence this year.  It asks all of us to reach out and give the gift of warm thoughts to its shivering spirit.  It says that the Spirit of Snow was necessary to alleviate and disinfect the earth.  The Spirit of Winter said that many a plan was foiled and delayed purposefully, as each person was forced to bend in humbleness to the mighty force of winter.  Many many lives were changed as each person endured a different hardship trying to escape the winter’s harsh lessons.  Many feared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, as the slippery cold learning continued.  Snowflakes are sacred geometries that come to give us the gift of wisdom. Snow is solidified light patterns-  light that has landed like miniature frozen crop circles.  When you look up and see the magical snowflakes they will give you solidified sacred light equations to help you move into another level of self and soul.  As you walk upon them a crunch is heard, as the geometries break apart into a new creation just for you.  The summer presence will be felt deeply, so allow the land to receive its refreshment before the changes.

Meteorologists perceive snow to be a result of pressure systems and rainfall.  Physicists recognize the subatomic particles that create snow: but the mystic sees the cosmic energy that snow manifests.  Water in all its forms is a symbol of knowledge.  Descending water represents the transmission of knowledge from a higher source to a lower source.  Snow is an intermediary state between fluid water and solid ice.  A snowflake is formed when water forms around microscopic particles of dust and mineral.  The cold air turns it into ice crystals.  Snow has two components: water and earth.  Snow consists of separate snowflakes that are actually independent, each are composed of about 100 ice crystals.  Snowflakes cling to each other but they are intrinsically not one.  Snow falls gently and silently.  Serenity and the very whiteness of snow attracts us.  We sense the purity.  Snow is heaven speaking to us.  Snow is heaven meeting earth, water meeting land.

-received by Gilliam MacBeth-Louthan



And for your interest:

A Meditation from Lee Harris Energy to Clear the Throat read by Chere Nelson

Encounter Yourself Stockholm Workshop- November 11, 2017   GCofL, Sweden

and on that note a few words from Maureen Moss about the 11th of November (the 11:11) 2017

Description: The 11:11 is not another Stargate. It is a bridge to our ascension, to the multi-Universe, to unified connection with Ascended Earth Masters, Angelic, Galactic and Star Light Realms and the Essence of Mother/Father God in conscious Oneness. It is a space between two worlds and a Doorway to your Highest Possibilities.Having been pulled back and forth between worlds countless times in this past year, on the auspicious day of the 11:11 we are able to restructure, recalibrate, amplify, and stabilize New Earth frequencies into our physical bodies.We are able to receive the activated God codes to release the Higher aspects of our creative natures, our creative original thoughts and singular feelings to accommodate the fulfillment of our Original Blueprint here on earth.On that DayFor all receptive to the energies, on 11:11 you will be able to step into the inherent potential of the 11:11 Doorway and enter the space between worlds and into the Greater Reality.Gathered together as One on this day we will first establish our connection to each other, to the Divine, to all Realms of Light and set our intention to enter the space between the worlds.Impulsed by the Divine, Jesus/Jeshua and Anna Grandmother of Jesus through me and together as One, will transmit an activation to increase your awareness… raise your vibration… unify your consciousness… open your heart… and expand the field of your energy in preparation for entering into the 11:11 doorway.“When you ask for increased awareness it will be given to you, though you must be certain to use the attending spiritual powers for a beneficial purpose.” —AnnaYou will then be led into the space between worlds…or as Jesus refers to it as, “the zone of perfection, wherein lies the bond between God and Human.”Here you will feel the bonded Love of the Creator and be given further codes of accelerated Light and Clarity to enhance your ability to anchor yourself into the Greater Reality bringing the Invisible to the Visible unto yourself, to Earth, and all upon Her.We will close our time together as One with an invocation to Archangel Metatron, the keeper of the Tree of Life on Earth to lock and seal that which has just occurred for you inside the Doorway of the 11:11.Maureen Moss. maureen@maureenmoss.com

and so it was! We held our first workshop to our delight and the wonder of our participants.  It was wonderful, powerful, enlightening. a must do, repeat, and come one come all! Thank you for your participation.