Global Lightwork

Source notified Sessions- “All of creation is moving light.”

As part of our service in uplifting our beautiful Gaia and her inhabitants, we will offer sessions that anyone can join, both partners and our colleagues on Facebook.  They will always be at 19.30 o’clock (7.30 pm or UTC+1) on Wednesdays.  You are welcome to join us in spirit by just focusing and holding the space for healing or on Skype.  Gunilla and Chere will always be on Skype at that time and our annotations will both be here on this website and on our Facebook group feed under the date of the session.


February 8 – Sacred Lands on our Mother Earth

We felt tremendously strong sensations/messages in our own bodies as we held, soothed, embraced, cradled our beloved Mother Earth. Aching hands, ovaries (points of creation, feminine energy), ears, knees, legs, breasts, and many yawns as she was coming into a balance. Tremendous number of cold shivers, and cold as we both drew inward. We began moving counterclockwise (masculine energy) and felt her sadness and pain strongly, however, she is so compassionate that she is in a constant state of rebalance with the recklessness and arrogance of humanity. Beautiful visions then of a sand gold left quadrant and a purple right quadrant with brilliant turquoise up the middle. Began holding the earth: north to south was a golden beam of light, through the inner earth and out the poles, while at the same time along the equator was a continuously moving band of radiant royal blue light. We sang lullabies to her as she was rocked, and held in mother love.

Mother Earth was then seen in a transparent light pink Merkaba holding her. And a feeling of her immense gratitude was given to us. She strongly drew energy almost like suction.

Powerful and immense beings (angels) were holding her with wings spread around her. And then we were shown other dimensions of her, each being guarded with these immense angelic beings’ wings.

Namaste from Chere and Gunilla

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells.  For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.” Chief Crazy Horse – Ogalala Sioux Nation, 1877

February 14 – World Sound Healing Day

Joining with Jonathan Goldman, a sound alchemist, for a Global Healing on Sound Healing Day. We will bathe the Gaia Matrix of our beloved Mother Earth with a sonic Valentine to enhance our evolution. We will tone the sound Ah on the Holy Breath of the Heart.  This is encoded with the energies of light and love in order to help bring a higher level of divine consciousness to earth. There are scheduled events worldwide, ours to start at 19, in Stockholm and Mölndahl, Sweden

February 22Uplifting the trauma for Syrian Children

Metaphorically we were shown a tremendous storm with tornadoes and hurricanes. We both experienced extreme yawning, a sign of release.  The front was leading with healing green not to be present until all the very dark storm black behind it was cleared. Gradually- very gradually, there was a clearing and gradual white clouds and light and a radiant sun, which previously had been black.  Bear in mind this took awhile, and we were holding a compassionate presence with lots of cold shivers.  TRUTH. A clear sky was shown as we hovered above the earth, shown in sand color.  We balanced the air and earth and water elements.  Thousands of people were shown moving freely. At the end we were shown a control device that was there and it was removed.  Then the air became icy blue with a crystalline structure.  The children were sent HOPE and COURAGE.

March 8 – Elephants and the Ivory Trade

On International Women’s Day, and in honor of the Matriarchial Society of Elephants we humbly offered our service. We realized something about our gifts to the earth in this session.  Working with Large Collectives seems to be our mode of service for these Global Lightworks. For the purposes of this session we will say that we worked with the Oversoul of the Elephant Collective.  Chere had a purple thin horizonal chord to thousands and Gunilla a golden thick vertical chord .  The energies were very different than working individually, quite a suction energy developed, but it was in no way draining to us. The Oversoul seemed astonished that someone would care, not expecting anything.  They were very grateful and surprised. In Lak’ech Ala K’in

March 22 – South Sudan, ineffectiveness of leaders to alleviate famine and starvation- Gunilla, Chere & Desiree

A Sacred spiral of energy was seen going down to emptiness and an umbrella moving up with a big red stone, with a hint of zombies. The night sky with her thousands of stars was tremendous, and was covered with love raining down. We were having as healers, tremendous chills. Light Beings were everywhere saluting the suffering people, whose chosen path was extremely difficult. There was alternately cold and hot energy and light around the earth eliciting tremendous cold shivers of truth.  Archangel Michael was cutting chords, and little cherubs were each assigned to every child to give hope.  Tremendous pain in our temples, and tremendous yawning as so much pain and suffering was released. We felt a whole range of emotions as we watched angels carrying the dead directly to “heaven”.

International Water Day

Woman=Water, pregnancy waters are like the first clear water. A very heavy bowl of water was shown like the pelvic cradle, and tremendous lower back pain was shown like when a woman is pregnant. Then we saw the Aurora Borealis and liquid silver was coming down.  A tightness was released from our whole bodies, seeking a balance of water. A Grand Canyon like landscape was shown with a Native American on a brown horse, beside a waterfall.

April 7 – Stockholm Terrorist (?) Attack

Gunilla and I immediately got on the tragic attack in downtown Stockholm. We send soothing energies to the incredible feelings it invoked. We ended by sending cocooned protection from Stockholm outward to Sweden. See our FB page – Global Collaboration of Light.

Soothing the incredible feelings it involked, we held the space of compassionate presence and ended by sending cocoon protection from Stockholm outward into Sweden. Stockholm certainly got the message, and so proud of our little country for holding Manifestations of Love instead of hate and violence, visited and performed by thousands laying flowers of remembrance and love. Caring and sharing.

April 10 – Chemtrails

Compassionate presence was very prevalent in this healing.  There were red halo rings with red beams coming down.  A vertical barrier was erected that affected the output of the trails.  We had many physical symptoms during this healing with many yawns as debris poured off. The energy was very natural, purifying fire, then water, air sweeping debris away.  Very powerful pulsating energies.

April 18 – Trees

This was an extremely powerful session, and we were totally brought to tears, humbled, and honored to be doing the work. Hard to describe but there was a purple bulge toward spirit and a golden light in the distance (stargate), and a small pyramid.  We each held one in our hands and suddenly there was a procession of them like arks in a corridor, and they were transparent  and filled with trees, each a different species, like starseed trees. They were being moved to another dimension (place). Many trees now on earth are broken, and will not be moving to a more pure environment.  They have saved our atmosphere for us up to this point as their service. We were tremendously yawning (letting go). these arks or pyramids were like greenhouses. Our hands became very heavy doing this work, and we had VERY painful awareness in our bodies. We were directed to send pink energy to this corridor which was then protected by angels who hovered over these arks protecting them in arching light. The message was Come on humanity! We will do this once and for all!

The destination was a warm golden cozy light, a stargate and we helped kickstart the journey.  We were in humbled awe, with huge coldshivers of truth.

May 3 – Humanity and the I AM Presence

We used our I AM presence directed to the I AM presence of humanity, and this was one powerful session. Immediately we saw the X rune, for Partnership with the Divine. There was a Red Sea shown with waves, the in and out, constancy of LIFE.

A purple Thracian horn developed into a huge energy in our hands and heavy prickles in our heads. Next we were shown a Production Machine, as it felt like people were being stamped out. There came a lonely feeling in the heart with ache and chills.

A message sent of Reframing your beliefs – we are all one. A curl wave developed after that signifying a development of power. Lots of sorrow, lots of yawning (letting go), lots of cold shivers (truth), the signs we get when energy is moving.

We were shown a Reggae man as an Archangel, developed pressure in the heart and cold shivers. Our breathing became labored and heaving, many burps (fear) and yawning again. Temple pain and then coughing, head itching. The Dalai Lama came and gave his blessing, a light pink energy of love.

After that we saw the Dove of Peace to the heart, with much pain in the hands.

An ear of corn* was shown in the right hand, and then a vortex of black energy, meaning all possibility in deep space. Ending with very throbbing hands.

*Corn: protection, luck, divination. One of humans most treasured plants, it has always been a great source of nutrition as well as providing medicine. It is closely related to the sun, harvest, health and the earth goddess.

Native American Symbolism: Corn, also known as maize, is the most important food crop of the Americas, cultivated by hundreds of different tribes. Even some tribes who were too nomadic or lived too far north to grow it themselves had corn as part of their diet, since they traded extensively with corn-farming neighbors. Corn is one of the Three Sisters of the northeastern tribes, so called because corn, squash, and beans were traditionally planted together by Native American farmers. Corn played an important mythological role in many tribes as well– in some cultures Corn was a respected deity, while in others, corn was a special gift to the people from the Creator or culture hero. In addition to its importance as a food source, corn also played a ceremonial role in many tribes, with sacred corn pollen or cornmeal being used as ritual adornment and spiritual offerings.

Although the word “corn” comes from a general Old English word for a cereal seed (related to “kernal,”) the word “maize” has Native American origins: it comes from the Spanish version of the indigenous Taino word for the plant, maiz. The names of several corn dishes also come from Native American languages: hominy, pone and succotash (from Eastern Algonquian languages), sagamite (from Cree,) and chicha (from the Nahuatl, or Aztec language.)

Corn is a common clan symbol in many Native American cultures. Tribes with Corn Clans include the Muskogee Creek tribe (whose Corn Clan was named Atchialgi or Vce’vlke in the Muskogee language), the Navajo, the Mohave, and the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico (many of whom have multiple Corn Clans such as the Blue Corn Clan and Yellow Corn Clan.) Many tribes, such as the Caddo and the Pueblo tribes, also have a Corn Dance among their tribal dance traditions.

May 3 – Healing of the Earth Grid

Entities, human and otherwise, interfering and meddling with the grid, who don’t want humanity to ascent.  Removed. There was a substance like duct tape that was cutting off the solar plexus of the grid, like a tight belt.  It was lasered off.  Source and St. Germaine came in and with focus and precision peeled off layers to free the grid.  Rocket pulsations were given to us to strengthen the grid.  Music played was the Tibetan Bells, which vibrated the grid and uplifted it.  The names of the songs were Crossing the Line, Special Lights, Adrift, Starfires, Ascension of the Subtle body, and the Empty Mirror.

Earth was shown like a huge bell, with 4 Big Beings one in each direction, N<E<S<W, that were cloud like and dissapated negative energy.  Then came more balancing, there was a huge butterfuly with wings the colors and patterns of earth from space, which grew and was standing on a fotball, expanding and flying now. the grid became shiny gold and sparkly. Our hands were vibrating and feet were deeply grounded, with pain in the uterus.

The light was scanning the cosmos, universe, the light was Prime Creators, and  they gave a cosmic smile. Namaste.

July 8 – Healing of the Earth Grid, Part II

From Songs of the Arcturans by Patricia Pereira. “The art of healing Earth is effectively executed by projecting select, wholesome neural synapse voltage to predetermined geographic points.  Using the art of creative imagery and transmitting it for planetary healing is tremendously beneficial in alleviating dangerous negative energies constantly accumulating within her shell-like surface regions of evolutionary-primed Earth.  Much relief is obtained within her rocky organs whenever a human mind links in rapturous Oneness with others for the expressed purpose of healing her.”

And so we did Part II, Card drawn was Strength, and we immediatly saw a volcano from the top up with sparks of red and gold spewing out, giving her some relief from pressure.  Then a field of brilliant orange with a healing green earth in the upper left quadrant, with a rainbow belt around the equator.  There was a large Being of Light watching over her ascension.  The everything turned completely Gold.  Then a sound occurred like a wave breaking, very powerfully.  Finally a purple large vector, going up from the left in a powerful orange field.  We sat in our  I AM presence.  She is healing us, not we her.  Namaste.

July 26 – Oceans

Session for today: Words from a song – From sea to shining sea….. then a knowing that this subject is as difficult as a camel passing through the eye of a needle. There is a division or separation now: what separation we ask: the We and the They. They showed us beings shining a light on creating a new consciousness. They gave us next some very hard images to describe; tornadoes very close together were all over the sea floor, and stirred things up which raised up /lifted up the seabed. It was shown as actually lifting off the surface of the earth, and then it was put back. The underwater volcanoes were activated, and the lava flow was burning garbage (cremated) creating tsunamis. Fish and other sentient beings were warned to move out of the vicinity. Therefore sea life was not destroyed. The Barrier Reefs were charged by fire with creating new life. We asked a question about the depth of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on earth, how do we get the garbage from there. Answer: the beings of Inner Earth are working also from the inside out, we are working from the outside in. Humans viewing this phenomenon shown as a dragon, were scared, which somehow raised their consciousness. In the end, a large purple butterfly was shown – Transformation! Namaste – Gratefulness

September 7th – Emergency Management of the hurricanes Harvey and Irma

We had prepared ourselves that this would be a very difficult and taxing healing. What first came up was -Is this a battle of the dark versus the light?

We were shown the eye of the storm, and golden orbs were being placed there. At this time (the beginning of the session) the hurricane was turning counterclockwise. Then it began slowly turning clockwise or outward into the ocean? Gradually the dimensional picture shifted to a more flattened storm as the healing energy came in, and the center turned black, purification process. We felt ships were assisting with some sort of laser technology to dissipate the winds. Gradually as things calmed, and the energy quickly began to dissipate, we were shown a grasshopper right up close with big black eyes. It is the symbol of good luck, can only go forward, not backward or sideways.

We also then spoke of illusions, as we had a belief it would be long and hard, and it wasn’t at all.

November 28 – Session on Ending of Slavery in Libya

A lot of red, black smoke. Fire. Fire from the crazed people doing this – their minds on fire

A lot of burping and big huge yawns (letting go) A yellow color came, against the red, orange and pink at the top.

Trouble breathing Fear!! Of the potential slaves, much fear, suffocating

Pain lower teeth – foundations

Pain left side of head that later went all way around the head

St Germain came and cut cords. Karmic cords

Red circle with black around it turned and became a black circle with red around it and with a white lightning in the black circle

Tears Heart beating in the hands

will do two more sessions to set up a 21 day healing cycle.


March 8 – International Women’s Day

Yawning = releasing blocked energy.

Immediately upon entering the consciousness of the Divine Feminine we had the vision of a dark pink horse (power). Began yawning, Vision went into the eye of the horse, more yawning and we were present with the balance of all the different wavelengths of color. Pressure in the upper jaw and front of the ear.

Cause and effect = balance, to each person finding their own balance, male and female. Saw a dragon that morphed to a cat. (the feminine)/It was cotton candy pink. A band of metal that morphed into a stone bridge, entering non-structured golden light, the void. Dark night of the soul – tremendous courage to step into the void, and it is a choice. A light blue bird was singing, in bright green.

A radiance with lots of yawning, knocking at their door – let me in. Heavy feeling in bodies, now slashing, blending don’t know what to do. A lot of masculine energy very uncomfortable, yawning. We feel this pertains to the masculine, not familiar with the feminine energy.

Pure essence, color in background and a purple waterfall.

Shift to round black hole, on the right which balances the white face. Faces seen which were totally white on the left – stone like white marble or plaster –androgenous feeling, no hair just the face. no blood there. Background red/violet at first then changed to black/burgundy like in a womb, and what a baby sees. Fear – hard to breathe, tears in eyes.

This is going to take time to integrate. Energy slowing down – orange hoops.

Gratitude to all of our unseen helpers.